Roxbury Library

The final project for Harvard GSD’s Career Discovery program was to redesign an industrial lot into a library. My design focused on encouraging community engagement through a layered concept. Theoretical layers of aesthetics, interaction, and information were encouraged through physical layers in the spatial organization. This design would allow for an experience of discovery as an individual moves through the library and facilitates movement through the space in a variety of ways- the direct diagonal hall or via spiraling layers with cut-through doors. 2016.

The initial inspiration came from an earlier assignment to study the form and movement of a waterbottle. From there I began to consider layers as a catalyst for motion.

Continuing with the idea of layers facilitating motion, I made a three layered collage about what a successful library consists of: aesthetics, interaction, and information.

Next I did site studies of the location we were given to work with: an industrial lot in Roxbury, Boston.

In brainstorming the form, I developed this sketch which I referenced in developing my library layout.

Following the first critique, I realized I needed to revisit the library from a section perspective and take advantage of the unused space beneath the theaters.